Asphalt Repair Services in Phoenix Arizona


Commercial Asphalt Repair In Phoenix, AZ

A pothole in the middle of your driveway, street and walkway makes your property look shabby and cheap. More importantly it is a threat of damage to motor vehicles, bicycles and motorized traffic as well as potential risk to pedestrians. For more than thirty years Camelback Paving has been dealing with just such problems and providing home and business owners with this asphalt repair. We can target even the smallest of repair jobs knowing that they won't get bigger with time.

At Camelback Paving we give you the highest quality asphalt repairs at the most inexpensive price. We will review the areas that are damaged and in most cases can take care of the problem using a hot mix asphalt. Taking care of the problem as early as possible so that the pothole will not become worse by expanding with the weather and to insure that your driveway or street has a smooth surface for drivers and pedestrians alike.

If you discover that your driveway has cracks, you would benefit from Camelback Paving's asphalt repair services. Our specialist will determine your individual needs. There are several things that could need servicing. There may be a crack running from side to side, or there may be a “pothole,” or something that we call “alligator cracks” (because the breakup looks like the skin of an alligator). We are good at determining what you need for these individual problems.

Once we determine what would benefit you individually for your needed repairs, our specialists will clear the debris and any vegetation that has accumulated.

If it is just a crack, then we can effectively seal the crack and protect it from further water intrusion. We use a substance that can expand and contract with the pavement as the weather changes. It is an affordable short term solution.

We recommend filling the cracks as soon as they appear. The filling of your cracks now is to prevent the occurrence know as “alligator cracking.” Once the alligator cracking has occurred it can lead to dangerous and ugly potholes. A Technician on site will communicate to you the best solution to remedy the pavement damage.

Asphalt Repair Services in Phoenix Arizona



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